Summer is the best time to take on those spontaneous trips and get out of town. With the all-around warm weather and sights to see, hit the open road before the leaves start falling again. There’s nothing more stressful than packing for a last-minute trip, so we’ve put together a checklist of summer vacation packing tips to help you ride into the weekend stress-free.

The number one thing people forget when they travel are their grooming products and tools. You use them every day, so you can’t pack them a week before a trip, but it’s important to remember to bring them along to keep you looking your best while on vacation. Check out our summer vacation packing tips and let us know what your travel hacks are!


If you’re a gent that likes the clean-shaven look, or even if you’re a beard guy, having a good razor to bring on the road to keep your facial hair in check is an important staple of summer vacation packing. You don’t want to get stuck using those low-quality disposable razors that hotels give away to guests.


If you’re headed anywhere that you’ll be catching some rays, (and let’s face it, you should be) then be sure to bring along some strong SPF that will protect you from sunburn and premature signs of aging too. Anything over SPF 15 should be good. If you’re traveling via airplane, there is a limit on the ounces of liquids and gels you can bring on-board. That’s why sunscreen wipes are another great option for those mid-summer getaways.


Traveling, whether it be by plane, train, or bus, can wreak havoc on your skin. Make sure you bring along a good cleanser and moisturizer in your carry-on or backpack. After arriving at your destination, give your face some necessary TLC. You can thank us later.


Another item that often gets left behind are a standout pair of sunglasses. You don’t want to be the guy getting a cheap pair of shades at a souvenir shop, so make sure to pack a pair ahead of time. Pick a pair that complements your face shape, and is a neutral color so it matches almost all of your vacation ‘fits.


Last but not least, a great weekender to pack all these essentials into is another important variable of packing for a weekend getaway. Whether you pick a leather bag or something a little more casual, make sure it fits all your weekend needs.

The key to being prepared for the perfect weekend trip is to plan ahead of time and make sure you’ve checked all the boxes for everything you need. Are there any travel essentials that didn’t make this list? Share your top summer vacation packing tips with us!