Hey everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, reading, and commenting. I know I’ve been behind on my posts, but I will be posting every day this week to cover my adventures from the last few weeks that I missed. From now on, I’ll be doing weekly posts every Monday. Thanks again for stopping by! Enjoy!

This week, as all others, flew by so fast. On Monday, I was thoroughly exhausted from my trip to Milan for Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week. My feet were cut up and bleeding from the poor footwear choices I had to make in the name of fashion, so I decided to treat myself to a relaxing day in bed.

Madison Meltzer Easy Pose

During my first week of classes, I decided to apply for Lorenzo de’ Medici’s Professional Opportunities program. The program offers internships to a select number of students for a period of one semester with local businesses and organizations throughout Florence. When I applied, I never imagined that I’d actually be selected as there were only seven total positions available for the opportunities I applied for.  I was so excited that I even got an interview, but I was even more excited when I found out that the Social Media and Marketing position was for a local yoga studio.

Madison Meltzer Yoga Mats

Those of you who know me well know that yoga is one of my greatest passions, and that I’ve been practicing for a little over five years now. Having the chance to combine my love of yoga with my love of strategic communications sounded like a dream come true. Then, very last minute, I received another email from the woman in charge of the internships informing me that they wanted to interview me for a second position that I actually hadn’t even applied for. The second interview was for Public Relations and Marketing for a Florence-based organization called Advancing Women Artists Foundation. As I looked through the websites of the yoga studio and the non-profit I honestly could not decide which one I personally would want more. Art History is another huge part of my life as it is my minor at KU and the main reason I came to Florence to study. Both opportunities seemed so valuable and so enriching I couldn’t wait to get more information during my interviews.

Madison Meltzer Yoga Bend

My interviews both took place on Wednesday between my classes and a visit to the Bargello Museum. At the end of the day I received a phone call from the External Relations contact at LdM telling me that I seemed like a perfect fit for either position and that it was up to me to choose which one I’d prefer. I was so honored that I’d been chosen as the top-runner for both positions and I had such a hard time deciding, but in the end I chose to accept the Social Media and Marketing position with Radici Yoga in Florence. I met with Keisha, the owner of Radici, today and we made a game plan for the semester. She is so kind and has such a beautiful studio, and I really can’t wait to get started on their social media plan. Keisha has given me so much freedom on this project, and I am so excited to get creative and hopefully do amazing things for this awesome business.