Everyone has a few go-to to pairs in their collection of shoes. The ones that never quite make it back into their boxes before their next wear, and are so versatile that you’ve been known to sport them on many different occasions.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector, or you only own a few pairs, here are the five types of shoes that deserve a place in your wardrobe.


There’s a reason this type of shoe has been around for centuries. The oxford style originated in Europe, but became popular in the US in the 1800’s. Walking down the street you’ll see at least a few gents sporting this classic style. Oxfords are true to their versatile nature, and are definitely one of the best shoes for men. Dress them up or down, this style is sure to impress.


Compared to its more traditional counterparts, the high-end sneaker is a relatively new addition to the shoe staples every man should own. The sneaker in general is ultimately one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe because of the level of flexibility it provides. Depending on your personal style, the sneaker can be rocked on a number of occasions. Whether you’re pairing them with chinos and a chambray shirt, or a summer suit, a well-made pair of leather, suede, or even canvas shoes complete the outfit.


Why do wingtips deserve a spot in your wardrobe? You can make them appropriate for pretty much any occasion. Pair these guys with chinos and a button down shirt, and you’ve got a look that can easily go from the office to happy hour. Got a wedding this weekend? Grab a pair of wingtips and head on out. Not every shoe is so flexible. The decorative perforations on the tops of these shoes help them stand out from your everyday kicks, and make the wingtip one of the best shoes for men.


While loafers can be made in a variety of materials, there’s arguably no other shoe that screams “summer” as well as this one. Whether or not you categorize yourself as a preppy dresser, loafers should definitely have a place in your closet. These shoes definitely deserve their place at the top of the list of best shoes for men, and go great with the ankle-baring pants you break out as soon as it’s over 70 degrees outside. Plus, they don’t look half-bad with a nice pair of shorts either.


Perfect for the fall and winter months, this style stands the test of time because of its durability and understated flair. Picking the perfect boot definitely depends on the wearer’s lifestyle and personal preference. Whether they’re outfitted in wool, leather, suede, or canvas, a work boot shows that the man whose feet are firmly planted in the boots knows what dressing for the weather means, and how to do it with style.


This style only recently gained popularity, maybe thanks to the bloggers and menswear influencers rocking them on their insta-feeds. This style of shoe shows that this guy keeps up with trends in men’s fashion. A guy rocking a pair of nice leather monk straps wants his shoes to be noticed, and carefully curates his collection to reflect his level of taste and personal style.

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