Today at the Gentleman’s Box HQ we’re having an in-office debate about whether or not clashing your shirt and tie is considered a fashion faux-pas. In a world where the fashion industry is constantly recycling trends and reaching to churn out something new, the end result is often a style we never would’ve considered trying out.

We’re going to break down the different ways of mixing shirt and tie patterns to help you get a grip on the quickly rising trend. The best way to get the most versatility out of your tie collection is to pile on the patterns. Layering different shapes and textures gives depth to your look and helps keep things interesting.


One of the most basic pattern combinations is the classic polka dot and plaid duo. Some gents might never dare to mix the two, but here’s why you should consider it. The two stand-out colors of this outfit are the warm browns and the cool blues. This trendy gent chose a shirt that incorporated both, while still looking simple. Picking a shirt and tie that fits within your color scheme, or at least compliments it, is an important part of making the miss-matched patterns work.

The navy tie brings out the blues in the shirt, making that the focal point of the outfit even though the rest of the items are in the brown range. Once again, the polka dots add interest to the outfit, while still pulling out key colors like the white in the shirt and the face of the watch to make this outfit work!


This particular gent threw all caution to the wind and went with a myriad of colors and patterns in this look. The color and pattern of his top coat compliments the thin stripes creating the grid pattern on his shirt while the knitted tie brings together the shades of browns and reds throughout the rest of the ensemble.

This combo works because each of the different pieces adds another layer of horizontal accents that are rounded out with the almost direction-less texture of the jacket. While the patterns certainly clash, the overall look doesn’t because of the subtle similarities seen throughout each piece.


Retired NFL star Michael Strahan rocks a mix match of stripes in this look. Each layer is dedicated to a different direction and we have to say, it looks pretty good. The top layer has an extremely subtle plaid pattern that adds texture to the otherwise simple suit. The checkered patterned dress shirt sets up the monochrome hue of the outfit while contrasting the plaid pattern on top.

This stark contrast makes the shirt stand out, and puts the focus of the outfit on the funky tie. We love how this striped tie pulls together all the different lines of the look and acts as a perfect focal point. All together this look is professional yet trendy, and shows that the wearer knows what’s going on in the fashion world.


All in all, this trend is on the come up and we wanted you gents to be the first to know. The key to creating a great layered look is to stick to a single color scheme and to mix the different patterns and textures accordingly. The point is not to wear outrageous ties and pompous patterns, but instead to create different looks with the resources you already have.