There’s no better way to thank your wedding party for standing up with you on the big day than by creating groomsmen gifts that are customized to their individual tastes and styles.


At Gentleman’s Box, we’ve perfected the equation for putting together the perfect groomsmen gifts, and now we’re sharing it with you. This formula works with almost any budget, and the result is a gift your groomsmen will actually use and love.



The base of the perfect groomsmen gift is something they can use throughout wedding season and beyond. We often use essential items such as a tie or bow tie as the foundation of our groomsmen gift boxes. This is an essential to every man’s wardrobe, and you can really never have too many. Looking to start off strong? Choose a tie made of 100% cotton or even silk.



Whether you choose calf-length or no-shows, a high quality pair of socks is the next variable in the equation for the perfect groomsmen gift. No one in your wedding party will complain about getting another pair of socks. You wear socks everyday, so again this is one item you can never have too many of. If you’re having a summer wedding, no-show socks are a great way to go. Gents can pair these with loafers, boat shoes, or even sneakers for that slick no-sock look without the blisters.



A unique lifestyle accessory like a watch or a wallet is another addition that won’t go unnoticed. A casual watch with interchangeable bands is something your groomsmen can even wear at your wedding for an added bit of flair. Plus, a cool wooden wallet is a great conversation starter for gents who don’t know anyone else at your wedding when they’re at the cash bar… we’re just kidding, we know you wouldn’t have one of those at your nuptials.



Giving your groomsmen a great grooming product is another important piece of the perfect groomsmen gift. For cold weather, a no-shine men’s lip balm or a cooling shaving gel for those hot summer weddings are great options. You want them looking their best for your wedding pictures, so this gift is really for you.



There should always be one added surprise that really speaks to your group of groomsmen. Whether that be a flask they can use at the reception, or a pair of sunglasses to sport at the ceremony, that little extra bonus is the real cherry on top of the perfect groomsmen gifts.


Your wedding day only comes around once in a lifetime (for most people) so make sure you do it up. The guys standing up in your wedding party are the ones who have been there from the start. Thank them for being a part of your wedding, and your life, with unique groomsmen gifts that say it all.


Now you may be thinking, “hmm…seems like a lot of work,” and you’d be right. The best part is, Gentleman’s Box will do it all for you. Fill out this form, and our in-house box curator will put together custom boxes that are perfect for your groomsmen!