Your alarm clock goes off. It’s Monday morning. You’re already running 10 minutes late. There’s no time to waste, you need to get out the door and you need to look good. Click the “brew” button on your coffee machine, and refer to the looks below.

We’re all about simplifying the steps in your daily routine, so we’ve put together 5 full work week looks to make your life extra easy. Let us be your stylist this week: you’ll be on your way to work in no time.



Start the week off strong. Everyone is tired and wishing for the weekend on Mondays, so stand out with an outfit that is put together and professional. This is a day to be decked out in trousers, a button down, and a jacket. Add a tie with a modern polka dot pattern, and socks that pull together all the colors of your look. Then, proceed to be the best dressed guy in the office today.



Arguably the most boring day of the week deserves some color. A plaid button down with a mix of warm and cool colors can go with a number of different pants options. We picked a pair of brown tweed trousers, but you could easily rock this look with navy pants or even chinos. A watch with a navy watch band pulls the deep blue hues out of the shirt while the brown leather wallet matches the loafers. Last but not least, slip on a pair of no-show socks (any color will do…hence the “no-show”, but we get extra points because ours have navy stripes) and go on your way. Conquer the day as a dapper gent.



There’s only two more days ’til the weekend, or 1.5 if you’re a lucky guy taking a summer Friday, so let’s finish the week off strong. We’re wearing a jacket again today and our color combos are on point. We picked another plaid shirt, paired it with a textured blue tie and a silver tie clip to keep everything in place. We picked a pocket square that incorporates yet another shade of blue, and a white crochet lapel flower that solidifies the fact that we are far superior to those dudes dressed in ill-fitting denim and “classic” white button downs. Notice how we threw in a pair of shades, you know, to block the haters.



Thursday is best known for its association to happy hour, and this is certainly an outfit that can go from the office to after hours without any adjustments. This outfit is a simple formula of a red linen button down, those tweed trousers from Tuesday, and a floral tie that will have everyone asking, “where did you get that!?” If you choose to throw on a blazer, the matching pocket square and wood lapel pin make perfect additions to this look. Accessorize with a beaded bracelet, and you’re ready to go.



Better known as FriYay, this is the day that you are definitely dressing to go from work to weekend. As you know by now, we are proud supporters of #FormalFriday and we encourage gents to stand out with their formal attire to close out each work week. For this look we chose shades of grays and blues. A grey pant and jacket combination pairs perfectly with the checked blue button down. We also added on a knit tie and watch in matching shades of deep navy. To finish off this look, we chose black loafers, a patterned pocket square, and a beaded bracelet with silver accents. To take this look straight to your weekend festivities, simply remove the jacket and tie, and be on your way.


Now that you know our tips on how to put together a week of outfits, we want to see how you get ready for the week ahead. Tag your work week attire with #GentlemansBox on Instagram and Twitter!