Each year, some of the world’s best athletes gather to recognize excellence in both individual and team sports. This event draws attention from diehard and casual sports fans alike. This year, we’ve decided to give out our own awards. We have chosen the top seven categories that we think reflect the best award show dressing, and our picks for the winners.

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There would be no Best Dressed award without taking fit into consideration. This award goes to a gent who is best friends with his tailor, and knows the importance of a flawless fit. The most expensive tux in the world will still look horrible if the pants bunched at the bottom and the jacket was drowning you. Tonight we’re giving Best Fit to Russell Wilson for the white dinner jacket and bowtie combo. His pants had a flawless break to his dress shoes and the sleeves of his jacket fell right where they should.

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The mark of true superior style lies in the tiniest of details. A true dapper gent knows how to put a personal touch on an outfit via pattern, texture, or accessories. The guy who takes the cake on this category tonight is none other than Chris Paul. His chrome colored digs paired with a crisp white shirt were a definite standout, and the fit was on point too. He added subtle accessories like the safety pin lapel, and a clean white linen pocket square. The standout in this ‘fit? The acrylic glasses he rocked on the red carpet were an added surprise that made this outfit one of the best of the 2016 ESPYs.

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Even smaller fashion houses take note when the high fashion threads hit the runway. While not everyone can rock an off-the-runway look, but the gents who can deserve the ultimate acknowledgment. The Best Dressed athlete with the most high-fashion look tonight was certainly Steph Curry. The royal blue crushed velvet tuxedo jacket he donned stood out from the pack without being too flashy. While we’re willing to bet this jacket was quite literally made for him, his look was still appropriate and fashion forward.


Athletes are often known for housing the most coveted shoes around. Whether it be a sneaker or an embellished dress shoe, these gents certainly paid attention when it came to their shoe game. The guy that takes this category tonight, had a bit of a tailoring blunder in our opinon, but he can always argue, “all the better to see my shoes with”. Dwane Wade, this one’s for you. Though we were disappointed in the cropped tux look you rocked tonight, your shoes were certainly on point. Any gent that can pull off a loafer or smoking slipper at an award show gets a slow clap in our book.


Let’s face it. Similar to fit, you could be the best dressed dude of the night and a poor grooming routine could ruin it for you. The gent we feel had the best men’s hairstyle of the 2016 ESPYs is a guy who has had a lot of different haircuts in the past few years. He started from a buzz cut and now he’s here. Eric Decker, here’s looking at you. His hair looked groomed but not overdone, and his stubble was the perfect shadow without being unruly or barely visible.

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This one goes to the guy who isn’t afraid to break out the jackets and shirts in color. Most guys stick to the black, white, grey, or blue color scheme because it is safe and classic. This gent was willing to take a risk, and we think it paid off. Carmelo Anthony chose a burnt red combo with the most subtle satin lined lapels. He paired it with a matching hat and a simple t-shirt underneath. He rocked it confidently, and in the end, we think he pulled it off.


While most teams that attended the award show tonight were likely pining for the Best Team award, we know this team had something else in mind as well. We call collusion on this one, because a team that looks good, had a plan. Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavs. You’ve got a lot to celebrate.